Our Experienced Team

At Meadowbrook, we dedicate ourselves to every event at our club.
From the moment you book your outing,
we are available to assist your group in any way possible.

Make Your Event Happen ~

Many local businesses, clubs, and private groups choose Meadowbrook to host their annual golf events. Whether your event is to raise funds or to raise spirits, we guarantee the satisfaction of your guests.

To explore your tournament options at Meadowbrook,
please contact us locally at 863-2690 or toll free at (866) 863-2690.
The best dates fill-up well in advance, so don’t delay.

Tournament Information
Weekday rate ~ $30.00 per player for GF & Cart

Weekend rate ~ $35.00 per player for GF & Cart

Each tournament scheduled,
has the option to reserve our scoreboard area.

A $50 tournament fee is required for this service and includes:
Scoreboard, tables and chairs for 72 players


Food & Beverage Fees

Call us for Details (828) 863-2690

Tournament Request