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Birthday: _______________

New membership: _____ Renewal: _____

Membership Type:

Premier: _____ Individual: _____ Senior: _____ Weekday: _____ XY: _____


  • Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month, if paid after the 5th a $10 late fee will apply


  • Cart fees are $16 for 18 holes or $9 for 9 holes


  • PGA Handicap membership included


  • Range balls included


  • 10% off merchandise purchases


  • Weekday members who play on the weekends will be charged an additional $10 fee per round


  • All memberships are for the specified period, from date of registration***


  • If membership payments lapse, there will be a rejoin fee of an additional 1 months dues to be paid in full upon reinstatement in addition to all monthly dues missed


I have read and understand the above terms for membership at Meadowbrook Golf Club and by signing below,

I agree to these terms.


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