Meadowbrook’s Tuesday Summer Golf League

We see our golf league as an opportunity for players to get together weekly
for some summer fun on the golf course. 
A team of 4 is all it takes to become a part of the league.
Pick your players and a fun team name
Teams may consist of coworkers, friends, men, women or juniors ages 13+. 
*Substitute players are allowed*

Teams are required to register by Wednesday, April 8th
in order for Meadowbrook to prepare for Saturday, April 11th opening event

***1 – 18 hole round is required to establish each player’s points prior to league play,
we look forward to having as many players as possible on the Saturday, April 11th event;
however, if you are unable to play on that date, you may play you round at another time.
League registration is $20 + GF and cart

League fees:
                $50 registration fee due at opening day event ~
$50 fee covers $20 registration, GF & Cart, lunch and prizes
                $18 weekly fee covers GF & cart, CTP and team prize
League play dates:
Opening event:  Saturday, April 11th at 12:30

for 18 holes of play with lunch being served at 11:45

                April 21st, 28th     May 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th    June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd     July 7th and 14th
Closing Event:  Saturday, July 25th at 12:30
for 18 holes of play with lunch being served at 11:45

League Rules
Players must register in shop before teeing off on the day of play
Not having at least 4 players will result in a loss of 2 points per player,
not playing from team score
Substitutes must have an 18 hole qualifying score,
from Meadowbrook, prior to playing in an event
Players may be suspended or eliminated from the league for incorrect score / points,
course abuse and inappropriate behavior or language.

Individual player points will be adjusted weekly, based on 3
                Ex.  Player A Quota points – 5, makes 8 points 1st week, next week, player’s quota will be 6

League play will be based on a modified Stableford:
                Point system:  1 – bogey             2 – par             4 – birdie             8 – eagle      10 – HIO
·         Each players points will be revised weekly
·         Players must check in and be designated in golf shop before teeing off each week
·         Scorecards must be turned in to golf shop after play
·         Not having at least 4 players will result in a loss of 2 points per player
·         The team with the most plus or least minus points will win the weekly prize
Ties:  team with player who has the most plus points will determine winner
For additional information, please call Meadowbrook at 863-2690 or toll free at 866-863-2690

Meadowbrook’s Thursday Texas Scramble

Thursday afternoons ~ 9 hole Texas Scramble beginning at 5:30 ~ April 2nd
‚Äč                $10 entry fee, $15 GF & Cart ~ Members $9 ~ optional $10 skins